Prevention Services

Advanced wellness partners with patients who are committed to living a healthy lifestyle through the entirety of their lives. We believe that taking an active role in maintaining your health will help prevent illness, depression, lack of energy, and other negative consequences that befall most of us as we age. Because we believe that every individual has a different set of circumstances that brought them into us, we create customized programs to address that issues that many patients are currently suffering.

Our programs are partnerships with our medical staff and you, as our patient, to create your winning formula for health. Click below to read details on what we offer.

Graceful Aging Program

As we begin to age, our body’s vital functions begin to decline. Unfortunately, the reasons are far from natural. It often comes from a combination of poor diet choices, lifestyle habits, stress, and environmental issues that cause hormone imbalance and deteriorate our bodies even more quickly.

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Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention

While many patients come in due to concern of their fatigue, depression, stress, sex drive, these can lead to something even more worrying -- a heart attack or a stroke. Sadly, cardiovascular diseases remain one of the leading causes of death in the United States, due the excess stress we place on our bodies.

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Stress Management

What are the techniques you use for stress management? Meditation is good however it’s not the end all be all, to eliminate stress. Be creative, maybe you like painting, drawing, playing an instrument. How about reading or starting a blog, it’s never too late to learn something new.

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Weight Loss

Have you noticed more weight in yourself in the last years? While many regard this is a natural part of aging, it can be boiled down to less muscle mass, a sedentary lifestyle, stress, and hormonal imbalance.

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Wellness Program

Remaining healthy requires giving the body essential nutrients. We assist in helping your body fight against the toxins and chemicals that are part of our daily lives. Trying to avoid all the toxins that are in our food, air, and water we drink is impossible in this era without proactive measures.

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