Integrative Medicine

When you experience decreased energy, lower strength, bad focus, weight gain, decreased sex drive and lower levels of happiness all at once, wouldn’t you prefer to have a solution that’s customized to your body and your situation?

Use Integrative Medicine (IM)

Instead of relying on a one-size-fits-all medical treatment, the use of IM takes a on holistic approach to restore your body to its optimal state. By using a combination of all our treatments standard Western medicine and integrative medicine, we work with you to create an individualized custom healing plan made just for you, for your body type and for your personal lifestyle. We consider your day-to-day activities, your work and your home life, your personal level of physical activity, and your personal goals for recovery.

The Advanced Wellness Healing Style

Each individual anatomy, physiology, body type and lifestyle is different. Unlike traditional medicine doctors who generally immediately defer to medication, we embrace a plethora of options that will work for you and your illness and your life situation. These include treatments such as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, personalized exercise programs, as well as personalized nutritional programs, IV nutrition, and vitamin-mineral injections. We seek to find the right balance of all factors that are out of balance and in doing so restores your body back to its most healthiest and most youthful state.


Once we have established a relationship with you and we have gotten to know you personally, we can create a personalized program for you and then continue to monitor your progress through online meetings. Our telemedicine services are designed for you convenience and to allow you to check in with you on a regular basis so that we can both be sure everything is going well and you are getting terrific results. Be anywhere you want or need to be we can make sure you are getting everything you need. You can make contact with us according to your to schedule. At each telemedicine session one of our medical professional will speak with you about your results, your concerns and how you are doing. Our telemedicine service is also HIPAA compliant.

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Concierge Service

Our VIP Service Programs allows you to have access to your Advanced Wellness Medical Doctor 24/7. It includes a direct number, and a custom-designed program. Get all of your concerns addressed and the most immediate solutions possible to remedy your health problems and medical needs as fast as possible. To work directly with you to ensure a successful path to your personal return to Total Health and Wellness.

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