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Empower Your Menopause Journey:

Women and Hormone Therapy to Treat Menopause Series

Women navigating menopause often find themselves facing a myriad of challenges, from hormonal imbalances to the physical and emotional toll it takes. The lack of practical guidance and solutions can overwhelm women, affecting overall well-being.

Imagine the frustration and confusion that comes with navigating the complex landscape of menopause. Symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, and sleep disturbances disrupt daily life. Traditional approaches may fall short, leaving women searching for a comprehensive solution to reset their bar for healing.

Starting on January 24, 2024 Dr. Allen Lawrence, MA, MD, PhD will present a series of 10 workshop programs on Menopause Hormone and other Treatments of Menopause. This begins with the process of providing information, and training, for women to prepare never to have to get sick again, and to live an amazing life, until 100, 125 even 150 years of age. By understanding the process of menopause, the woman can start moving their longevity and also their quality of life forward, to healthfully extend not only their life but to live the life they have always wanted to live.

Event 1:

General Introduction to Menopause, What Is Menopause?

  1. What is the definition of Menopause
  2. Discuss the hormonal changes associated with Menopause
  3. Discuss the three stages of Menopause:
    • Perimenopause,
    • Early Post-Menopause,
    • Late Post-Menopause
  4. Discuss the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual signs and symptoms most commonly associated with Menopause
    Questions and Answers

Event 2:

Common Symptoms and Acute Life Problems

  1. A more detailed discussion of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual signs and symptoms associated with Menopause
    • Hot flashes, flushing, mood swings
    • Depression, anxiety lack of self-control, fear
    • Others
  2. Which of the many life signs and symptoms are caused by the onset of Menopause and
    which are not caused by Menopause?

Event 3:

Treatment of Menopause

  1. Medical Treatment
  2. Herbal treatment
  3. HRT
  4. I have no signs or/or symptoms, why should I choose to be treated?
  5. I’m being treated, “How long and When, If Ever, Should I Stop?”

Event 4:

Long-Term Health Effects

  1. Benefits, risks and values of both short term and long-term treatment
    • Increase in risk of heart attack and/or stroke
    • Osteoporosis
    • Weight gain and change in body fat distribution
    • Urinary Incontinence
    • Eye and Dental Problems
  2. Positive and negative consequences of short- and long-term treatment
  3. Benefits, risks and values of doing nothing, no treatment at all
  4. Benefits, risks and values using only medical and herbal treatments programs
  5. Benefits, risks and values using HRT

Event 5:

Individual Experiences

  1. Discussion of how Menopause can and may affect your day-to-day life:
    • Skin changes
    • Changes in your overall appearance
    • Anxiety, depression, irritability
    • No longer feeling like yourself
  2. Patients tell their story for others to hear
  3. Do you feel alone, and how to make that stop

Event 6:

The Short- and Long-Term Psychological Aspects of Menopause

  1. Without treatment
    • Helplessness
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Cognitive Changes
    • Memory loss
    • Alzheimer’s Disease
    • Aging
  2. With Treatment
    • Show up and hear this part for yourself

Event 7:

Stress and Menopause

  1. What is stress?
  2. How to deal with and cope with stress, and why you want more
  3. How to reduce, and even totally eliminate stress and use stress for your own purposes and
    values and becoming a better healthier woman

Event 8:


  1. How Menopause can affect your sexuality and sexual experiences
  2. How Menopause can free you up for having better than ever sex and sexuality
  3. An overview of medical problems that can be prevented with treatment and simple techniques:
    • Loss or reduction of sexuality
    • Losing your looks, aging
    • Vaginal dryness
    • Urinary incontinence
    • Vaginal Prolapse
  4. Individual experiences from group, those who chose to tell their positive and/or negative

Event 9:

Couples Experience

  1. What does Menopause do to relationships (M/F F/F)?
  2. The potential effects of Menopause on marriage and intimate relationships
  3. The potential effects of Menopause on Self-image
  4. Mid-Life Crises, both women and men; men may be going through their andropause at the same time, how Menopause causes and effects Mid-Life Crises.
  5. Preventing Mid-Life Crises, before it happens.

Event 10:

The Hidden Value of Annual Prevention Check-Ups and Creating A Prevention Plan For Life

  1. For women on HRT, it is essentials to stay on top of your overall health and well-being
  2. What are the hidden values for doing Annual Prevention Check Ups and Creating A Prevention Plan For Life
  3. What are annual medical check-ups?
  4. How can they help you prevent future illness, live a long, healthy safe life and what can you do to make this easiest for you?

About the speaker:

Dr. Lawrence initially trained as an Ob/Gyn at Cedars Sinai and for the past 50 years has practice Integrative Functional Medicine, specializing in Male and Female Hormone Replacement Medicine, Prevention, Healing, Wellness, Longevity and Quality of Life Medicine. Dr. Lawrence tirelessly worked to create a new way of practicing Medicine.