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    Recovery Programs

    Substance abuse disorder is a health condition that involves compulsive substance abuse. It occurs when substance abuse interferes with the ability function day to day. Substances may include alcohol or other drugs, which can negatively impact an individual’s life if addiction occurs. While many individuals begin using substances with peers for recreation, it often leads to dependence on it, in which you are unable to go through everyday life without using the drug.

    At our office, we believe that addiction is unnecessary. While we are all addicted to something, we do not have to be addicted to things that will steal our life's energy, our vitality, our life's work, our family, our joy, the quality and quantity of the life we do get to live.

    Advanced Wellness Medical working in partnership with UrgentPoint Medical Group our Addiction Prevention and Treatment partners offer one of the most sophisticated and advanced addiction prevention and treatment programs in the world. From detox to long-term follow up, working together, we have your overall health and well-being fully in mind and covered with proven to work treatments and remastering programs.

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    Alcohol Abuse

    Are you or a loved one suffering from alcohol abuse? Learn how we can help treat this illness here.


    Drug Addiction

    Are you or a loved one suffering from drug addiction? We partner with the most sophisticated and advanced treatment programs in the world.